5 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Most people think that creating and running a blog or website is very easy. In order for a blog or a website to be considered successful it needs to have enough regular traffic from internet users.

As much as it may sound easy, it takes hard work, patience and some skill to ensure that you get traffic. Below we have a list of five free ways you can easily pull in traffic to your site.

1. Add pictures and videos on the blog or business website

Video marketing has been on the rise over the years. People prefer watching videos rather than reading articles online.

More online platforms, social media included, are now optimizing their platforms to accommodate the use of videos and pictures. Videos are much simpler to make and pass a lot of information easier to viewers,

Pictures and videos do make a blog or website look more appealing. It makes content more enjoyable to read for visitors hence they are likely to stay longer on your website.

Reading too much may become boring hence it may become difficult to pull in traffic easily to a site, pictures and videos are more direct and easily conveys information.

You can also optimize the pictures and videos for the search engine by adding keywords as the titles to a video or a picture.

However you should avoid adding large videos or pictures than your site can handle or else they will slow down your site.

2. Ensure your website or blog loads fast and is compatible with all browsers and devices

Websites that load faster rank higher on the search engines. Slow sites attract less people and as a result they are likely to receive less visitors.

This will greatly affect your sites ranking on the search engine, the longer viewers stay on your site the higher it ranks. A slow websites also affects how viewers engage with your site and they are more likely to stay away from your site.

To prevent this ensure that you frequently test your site on different browsers and devices in order to ensure that its loading speed is fast. Simple acts such as choosing the wrong host for your site or installing too many plugins may slow down the loading time of your site.

As stated above more today people do have mobile phones that can access the internet.

Optimizing your website and blogs for smart phones and tablets goes a long way in increasing sales and connecting with many people.

3. Try optimizing your blog and website for the search engine

The best and easiest way of pulling traffic to your website or blog is by optimizing them well for the search engine.

Search engine optimization makes your blog or website more visible on the front pages of the search engines. This makes your blog and website more credible and easier to reach because they would appear on the front page of Google.

Besides optimizing them for the search engine ensure that you create and post quality content on them. Quality content easily pulls in new clients to your website.

The content should be informative, entertaining and easily readable. Besides that you should place keywords strategically on the content so that the search engines can easily locate your site when certain words are typed on the search engine.

You should also post or update content regularly in order to attract new readers to your website on a regular basis and retain previous visitors.

The more your content attracts viewers to your site the higher it ranks on the search engine. However you should avoid stuffing your article with keywords or else it will appear as spam and rank low.

4. Use the social media to market your blog or website

Facebook alone has over a billion users worldwide. Social media is a cheap and fast way of marketing a product to millions of. It is easy to use most social media platforms and you do not need any relevant skills to operate a social media page.

It is easy to control information that is posted on the business social media page and communication is also very fast making it an easy way to get feedback from other people.

Social media allows you to share photos and videos fast. However in order to maintain your base you are advised to post regularly and interact with them.

5. Use search engine tools

The way search engines rank websites and blogs change constantly. In order to ensure that your website ranks higher you should always stay informed and up to date with the latest trends.

Luckily there are tons of search engine optimization tools that provide relevant information that can help you stay a head in regards to search engine optimization.

These tools help you track your sites performance including detailed information on specific keywords that you can use in order to rank high which translates to more traffic.


The above tips have been proven to be very effective in pulling traffic organically. An individual can combine two or more of the above tips in order to ensure they pull maximum traffic to their site.

Michelle Purcell

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