Evergreen Wealth Formula Review + In-depth Case Study (Did It Work?)

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?

>> Evergreen Wealth Formula Review <<


Before I begin my Evergreen Wealth Formula review, I just want to quickly touch on something…

This is crucial as it highlights a major problem in our community you need to be wary of.

You see, this was one of the first courses I ever purchased, but it wasn’t an easy decision to make, initially.

Not just because of the price but while researching it, I found a lot of reviews saying varying things about it.

Everything from the Evergreen Wealth Formula being a scam, right up to it being an okay product.

But after digging deeper, I soon realised there was something not quite right about these reviews.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across this post about the Evergreen Wealth Formula that opened my eyes.

Basically, these reviews are fake reviews designed to direct your attention to another product.

It’s turns out it a tactic used by the affiliates of a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

You may have seen these reviews – they always make the Wealthy Affiliate their no:1 recommended product.

This to me is disgusting behaviour and extremely unethical marketing practice


These affiliates damage other people’s brand, reputation and livelihood just so they can make a commission.

This is something I would never do and hopefully it shows in this Evergreen Wealth Formula review.

After learning this, I’m now very selective which reviews I read and I recommend you do the same.

So after weeding out the fake reviews, it turns out the Evergreen Wealth Formula is meant to be a legit product.

After humming and arring, I decided to take the plunge and invest $197 (yikes, that’s expensive!)

The question is now, does the Evergreen Wealth Formula deliver or is it all hype?

Well, let’s find out in my Evergreen Wealth Formula review…

What is the Evergreen Wealth Formula?

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review


The Evergreen Wealth Formula, at its core, is an email marketing course.

However, to call it just an email course, really does undersell it as it does much more than that.

In fact, it covers every other aspect you need to know to be successful online, not just email marketing.

So things like traffic generation, all the tools and content you need… Everything, basically.

James Scholes said it best on his sales letter…

It’s everything you need content and training wise to make an income online, and I would agree with it.

Also, it shows you how to set everything up in a completely automated manner which I’ll be touching in a bit.

What I liked about the Evergreen Wealth Formula


1. Beginner friendly training:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: This is  inside the member’s area and everything is very easy to follow


What I really like about James Scholes’s style of training is how he breaks everything down.

He assumes you know nothing about marketing online, takes you by the hand walk you through the entire process.

The end result is that the Evergreen Wealth Formula is very easy to follow and implement.

So regardless of your experience level, you should have no problems setting everything up and getting results.


2. No content creation required:

One big problem with building a business online is the constant content creation required to succeed.

You have to keep creating content to stay relevant like writing posts, creating videos, product creation etc.

Thankfully, there’s no content creation required with the Evergreen Wealth Formula (what a godsend!)

James Scholes has created all the content you’ll ever need to succeed online.

He’s wrote all the posts, sales copy, website content… Everything, really.

There’s no website building either has James supplies all the websites you need.

You can either use them as they are or edit them how you want them – your call.

Either way, whether you edit the content or not, it’ll work great regardless.

It’s all really high quality content too, which does a great job of converting your traffic to into sales.


>> SIDE NOTE: Is this duplicate content and is this an issue?

Yes, the Evergreen Wealth Formula uses duplicate content, but it’s not an issue. Here’s why…

The only time duplicate content is an issue is if you’re ranking your site in Google.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula doesn’t use Google as a traffic source so this isn’t an issue.

Besides, the traffic methods James Scholes teaches are far, far superior in my opinion.

The traffic methods are easier to implement and deliver faster results than using SEO.

Also, Google traffic is extremely unreliable.

You can literally be ranked for months, only to lose all your rankings and traffic for no apparent reason.

And trust me, I know – I’ve spent months ranking my site, only to lose my rankings in an instant!

With the methods taught in the Evergreen Wealth Formula, this isn’t the case.

It’s also a lot easier to scale up than SEO too.

So no, duplicate content isn’t an issue which makes your life a lot easier as you don’t have to create any!


3. Amazing support:

Personally, I think this is one of the strongest points of the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

In fact, I’ve never seen support as good as what James delivers with his course.

Everyone who signs up, gets free one on one email support with him personally for life.

I’ve tested this out by emailing him and he responds back within hours – sometimes minutes.

There’s even been cases where James and I are literally batting emails back and forth within seconds of each other!

You can also leave messages in the member’s area and James will get back to you there too.

This is going to be a huge plus for beginners as it’ll accelerate your results faster.


4. Completely automated:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: this is the overall process of the Evergreen Wealth Formula


To be honest, I was sceptical of this aspect of the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

However, after going through the course, my mind was put to rest as I could see how everything worked.

It will take some time to setup – especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s definitely worth it.

After you’ve done that, you can duplicate the process again and again to scale up your traffic.

It will only take a minute or two to duplicate the process from the second time onwards too.

So you’ll be able to scale up the traffic fairly quickly after the first time doing it.

To me, this really did impress me as I was struggling to get traffic before getting the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

But now, I’m getting steady streams of traffic daily and it’s growing the more I add to it.

It’s a great method and it’s worth the price of the course along in my opinion.


5. Friendly community:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: This is James Scholes helping one of his students in the member’s area. James is very hands on by the way


One thing these fake reviews like to brag about, is the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Well if these “reviewers” had access, they would see there’s a community in the Evergreen Wealth Formula member’s area.

A lot of times, people are asking James questions but I’ve spoke to members there too.

I’ve seen people share tips, network with each other and I’ve formed some solid friendships as well.

So if you’re looking to network and meet liked minded people, the Evergreen Wealth Formula as it built in.


6. Regularly updated:

One thing I didn’t expect is the updates…

James is regularly updating the Evergreen Wealth Formula to make sure the methods always work.

This surprised me because you don’t really see courses that charge a one time fee get updated.

The only time I see courses updated is if they charge a monthly fee, (and so they should too).

But to see this course updated on a regular basis, shows James is committed to the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

In fact, I only found out the Evergreen Wealth Formula was originally launched 2013!

James has been constantly updating the course and the members have been getting free updates since.

To me, that shows how committed James Scholes is to the Evergreen Wealth Formula.


What I didn’t like about the Evergreen Wealth Formula


1. Long time to setup

If you’re a beginner, then it may take you longer to setup than what’s advertised.

James says you can have it setup anywhere from 1 hour, right up to 48 hours.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible, but you’re going to struggle to meet that timeframe if you’re new.

Realistically, if you’re beginner with no experience, it’s going to take anywhere up to a week to setup.

So keep that in mind – especially if you’re a beginner with no online marketing experience whatsoever.


2. A bit too beginner friendly

Oh boy, this is a big course…

Don’t get me wrong, James is a brilliant teacher and he’s very concise, but there’s a lot of videos to get through.

There’s literally hours upon hours of videos to sit through and watch.

This is great for a beginner who needs their hand held throughout the entire process.

However, for more experience marketers, it can be tiring as it’s harder to skim through video like you would with a PDF.

So if you’re “video phobic”, the Evergreen Wealth Formula is probably not for you.

Did I get results with the Evergreen Wealth Formula?


So the question is, does the Evergreen Wealth Formula work?

Well I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m please to report that, yes, I am making money with it.

Not only have I recouped the cost of the course, but I’m now officially making a profit!

Here’s a screenshot of last month’s Paypal earnings using the Evergreen Wealth Formula:

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review: as you can see, I’ve made $2,799.00 last month and I’ve only been implementing the Evergreen Wealth Formula for 7 months now.


Although I’m not making crazy numbers like James Scholes, but I’m extremely happy the results.

As you can see, I’ve made $2,799.00 last month using the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

This is fairly consistent with what I’ve been doing for the last few months, so the income is very stable.

I plan to scale this up, so hopefully my income should grow as I increase my traffic.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Conclusion: worth it?


Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?
Evergreen Wealth Formula Review


Do I recommend the Evergreen Wealth Formula? In short: yes, absolutely.

It’s easy to setup, it’s got brilliant support and and it delivered fairly fast results for me too.

Fast forward a few months later, I’m now making a $1000 – $2000 a month with the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Needless to say, this is how I make most of my money online now.

In fact, I’ve abandoned what I was working on before as this is just so much more profitable for me.

Will you get similar results with the Evergreen Wealth Formula?


Honestly, I really can’t say as it’ll differ for everyone.

But if you’re willing follow what is taught and apply it consistently, then I’m pretty sure you’ll make money with it.

If you have any questions about my Evergreen Wealth Formula review, leave a comment down below and I’ll answer your questions you may have.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle Purcell

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review... Scam?


Evergreen Wealth Formula Review


Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Score:


Ease of Implementation:


Speed of Results




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  • Thank you for this review, it was very helpful. I’ve been looking for something for a while and the Evergreen Wealth Formula has peaked my interest.

    I know what you mean with the Wealthy Affiliate program too as I was a paid member there for a few months. It’s okay but it’s very basic and it needs updating as some of the methods no longer work.

    Thing is, they have this bootcamp where it kind of ropes you into becoming their affiliate and it encourages you to write reviews for competing products and rank them in Google. This is why you see all these fake reviews you mentioned in your review.

    I’m pretty certain all of these reviews by Wealthy Affiliate members haven’t had access to the products they review but that’s irrelevant to them as they’re only going to recommend the Wealthy Affiliate over the product they’re reviewing anyway.

    As it goes, there was loads of these Wealthy Affiliate fake reviews when I was looking up Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews. As soon as they recommend Wealthy Affiliate I just backpage outta there and move onto the next review LOL,

    → Reply

    • Thank you, I’m glad you got value from my Evergreen Wealth Formula review!

      It’s a brilliant course and I think you’ll get really good results with it if you’re willing to implement what is taught inside the member’s area.

      And yes, it’s unfortunate with the fake review issue too.

      It was something I fell for when I first started internet marketing, but I’m now aware of this tactic.

      I just think it’s a disgusting and unethical what these guys do as they lie to their visitors and also damage other people’s reputations and brands as well.

      Anyway, if you do get the Evergreen Wealth Formula, please come back and share your results as I would love to hear how you do with it.

      Michelle Purcell

      → Reply

  • Hi,

    Besides just taking my number 1 spot on Google for “Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review” 🙂

    I just wanted to drop by and say Bravo what a great review and article!
    Also very well done on reaching a good monthly income!

    I had been (and still am) planning on writing a wealthy affiliate review….and it won’t be good!

    Those guys have hurt my business and continue to do so, though luckily with great posts like yours people are getting wise to the click bait of WA!

    I know James quite well and he really is a great guy, helpful to the end!
    I will finish this by saying great article that tells people the truth about what WA is all about!

    It is one thing to actually review a product (which most don’t at WA) but is there any need to actually criticise a person that you have never met and get away with calling them all the names under the sun?

    I would never want an online business to go out of business (unless caught stealing money from people) but in the case of Wealthy Affiliate I really hope that they do!

    Best to you,


    PS. From reading your article it looks like James is updating his training with the times!

    → Reply

    • Hello Mark.

      Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my review. It was actually your Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review that motivated me to buy the Evergreen Wealth Formula and even write this review.

      As you’ll know, there’s a lot of misinformation about the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 and internet marketing products in general and I wanted to warn others about these fake reviews plaguing Google.

      James Scholes has been a great mentor to me. He’s always been there whenever I’ve had a question or needed help, so to see what others say about him and his course saddens me because it’s simply not true. They’re only doing it to redirect interest to the WA which they’re obviously affiliated to.

      I’ve even spoken to a few ex WA members and they’ve told me they even taught to write reviews for competing products within the Bootcamp section of WA. Like you, I simply couldn’t sleep at night knowing I make a living writing reviews for products I’ve never had access to then blindly recommending WA every single time.

      Another thing that bugs me is how they call their reviews “honest” or “unbiased” as they’re anything but honest and unbiased. Lots of people believe it Unfortunately as they do come across as genuine at face value.

      Just keep in mind when you write your WA review, if the WA community don’t like it, they’ll will most likely write disparaging posts about you and your business. There’s a lot of scathing articles about James Scholes just because he wrote about WA and their unethical practices they participate in. I even read a few myself that made me question whether I can trust James or not. Thankfully, after your recommendation, I took the risk and I’m now glad I did.

      Best to you too Marc.


      → Reply

      • Hi Michelle,

        Your comment and post hit the spot and if I got started I may go on for ever!
        Their members have personally attacked me on both my last launches.
        1 old lady from escape the rat race dot com really does not like me. My last course the big five she gave a scathing review (easy to find on Google).
        They are a joke and their time will come. I try to ignore them but they seem to be everywhere.
        I will put a little sidebar post warning people about WA on my site and when I finally get round to that post I will have all my facts and investigation done.

        My best to you,


        → Reply

        • Good luck with your investigation Marc.

          The more people who speak out about this, the more we can shed light on this extremely unethical marketing behaviour that’s intentionally damaging marketers’ reputations and livelihoods just so these guys can make a quick buck online.


          → Reply

  • Hi Michelle. Great review, honest and thorough. I am a newbie in the Industry and always looking for the right business venture. This venture sounds very interesting, will definitely take a serious look at this. Thank you and continue success.

    → Reply

    • You’re welcome Maurizio, I’m really happy you found my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review helpful.

      It really is a great program, and as you can see, I’ve recouped what I’ve spent on it plus a whole lot more besides. So if you’re serious and you’re willing to follow what James Scholes teaches in the course, then I genuinely believe you can make money with it.

      Regardless, I wish you luck with whatever path you choose.

      Good luck!


      → Reply

  • Until now I couldn’t figure out what products does EWF sells?
    What are you selling there?
    How about now? What is your income last month?
    Thank you in advance.

    → Reply

    • Hi Nadhmi.

      You can use the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 to promote whatever you want, so you’re not restricted to promoting any specific product or service at all. I use the EWF 2.0 to promote various affiliate offers and I I’m also going to use it to promote my first ever product I plan to create in the future as well.

      Here’s last month’s earnings by the way:

      Let me know if you need to know anything else as I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have!


      → Reply

  • Hi Michelle
    lovely to hear from somebody that has tested Evergreen Wealth Formula.
    I have started this course myself and i have to agree with you James is available at every turn when needed.
    Love your review

    → Reply

  • → Reply

    • It took a couple of months before I made my first sale, then my income gradually grew from that point onwards.

      I must admit though, after a while, I was thinking it wasn’t going to work as I wasn’t seeing results for the first couple of months.

      Thankfully, I stuck it out and I’m making a great income from it now.


      → Reply

  • Hello Michelle,enjoyed very much your review. I’m a bit confused, if James writes himself all the posts, sales copy, website content, practically everything, where does the duplicate content originate from?
    Would you say that this duplicate content is exempt from any and all legal considerations? Legal matters aside, is there the possibility of questioning ethically the use of duplicate content?
    Thank you,Jay

    → Reply

    • Thank you Jay! Really appreciate it that you enjoyed my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review. It’s a fantastic course and it’s the first program I’ve purchased and actually made money from.

      Yes that’s right, all the content is done for you in the course as James Scholes has gone to the trouble of creating it all for his members. Where does all the duplicate content originate from? Well like I said, James Scholes creates it all so it originates from him.

      There’s no legal or ethical issues with using this duplicate content so please don’t worry about that. The only time duplicate content is an issue is if you’re doing SEO (search engine optimisation) as Google doesn’t want to flood their search engine with duplicate content which is understandable.

      With the Evergreen Wealth Formula though, there’s no SEO involved so it really doesn’t matter whether you use duplicate content. I see this as a big plus I’m my opinion as I don’t have to spend hours everyday creating content to make money which is a godsend!

      I tried SEO for over a year but I never made any money from it. It’s not as easy to rank your site as some would have you believe. You also have to create a ton of content on a consistent basis which can get tiresome. I guess some people do have success with SEO but I didn’t so I went with the Evergreen Wealth Formula instead.

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  • Hi Michelle, just a quick question, are there any associated costs with setting this up?

    John Shaw

    → Reply

    • Hello John.

      After purchasing the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0, it should cost you around $40/month in additional tools. It’s all very easy to setup as James Scholes will show you which services he uses and how to set them up as well.

      I’ve been using the Evergreen Wealth Formula for a while and as my traffic and business grows, the cost has never risen and always stayed the same. That’s what I’m finding and it’s the same with other people I’ve spoke to in the member’s area as well.


      → Reply

  • Hey! Michelle,
    My name is Philemon. I am writing to you from Africa; from Uganda but based in Somalia to be exact. I have been online for a while but have never ventured into any business online. So I am officially a newbie in as far as it is concerned.
    Thanks for the exhaustive review. Very encouraging and educative. I am interested in joining EWF. Just evaluating whether the investment risk decision makes sense.

    → Reply

    • Hello Philemon.

      Glad you found my Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review helpful. This is a great course for beginners as it’s very easy to follow and put into action. So with you being a beginner, you should find this course ideal for you.

      You shouldn’t need anything else education wise as well as everything you need training wise is included with the main Evergreen Wealth Formula course itself. I use it myself and I haven’t signed up to any other programs since because everything I need to know on how to make money online is taught in this course.

      Good luck with it if you do decide to sign up and become a member anyway!


      → Reply

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  • Hello Michelle can I get results with the EWF 2.0 if I use free traffic methods that are taught by James in the course?

    → Reply

    • Hello Bathew.

      Yes you can. I use a mixture of both free and paid traffic methods when using the Evergreen Wealth Formula so I know firsthand you can do that.

      James Scholes has also recently added an SEO course which you get free when you sign up and you can use that as well if you want.


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